Tom Johnson

Ethical Hacker & Social Engineer

Ethical Hacker & Social Engineer, Tom Johnson is on a mission to pave the way for a safer and secure online community for businesses and induviduals across the North East.



Seeing Is Believing

Not a cybersecurity expert? then this is for you! Ethical Hacker and Social Engineer, Tom Johnson will demonstrate live in this hands-on session how easy it is to be breached. Utilising his ethical hacking simulator, Tom will cover things like data leakage, dumpster diving and OSINT.



Confessions of a Nerdy Hacker

Starting at a young age, Tom has always had a passion for hacking, right from the very moment he received his very own computer for Christmas as a child. With many ups and downs, from black hat activity in his early teens to working alongside the FBI under the National Police Chiefs Council, Tom will touch upon Ethics vs Morals, Social Engineering, Card Cloning & OSINT.