Wondering what all the fuss about? about the summit

Advantex Network Solutions, the North East’s leading and award-winning technology firm, has partnered with some of the world’s leading technology experts to bring them to the banks of the River Tyne for what is set to be the North East’s ultimate cybersecurity event.

Taking place on Wednesday, March 11th, over 150+ business leaders, IT and cybersecurity professionals will rub shoulders and discuss all things cybersecurity at the famous Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.


Wondering why you should go? Need an excuse for your boss? here's why you should attend

actionable education

You’ll leave the summit with notepads full of ideas that you can apply and implement the minute you get back to the office, not to mention brag to your co-workers you’ve attended the cybersecurity event of the year.

endless inspiration

Not only do we have the knowledge to help increase your cybersecurity efforts online – we inspire you to actually do it, so sit back, relax and be WOWed by some of the most forward-thinking and innovative leaders in the industry.

human connections

With over 150+ business leaders, IT and cybersecurity professionals alike, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the most inspiring people in the North East. We’ll even help break the ice, with complimentary food and drinks throughout the day.

Visionary Speakers
Awesome Sponsors
Inspiring Topics
Like-minded Individuals

Look Who's Talking keynote speakers

Justin Lockwood


Rob Price

CTO, UK Partner Organisation at Cisco

Steven Kenny

Industry Liaison - Architecture & Engineering at Axis Communications

Martin McGrath

Channel Business Manager at Milestone

Katie McMillan

Senior Information Security Consultant, SRM

Nikolay Stankevich

Senior Systems Engineer at Veeam

Tom Johnson

Ethical Hacker & Social Engineer

Farana Cheema

Cyber Security Channel UKI, Cisco

Luke Hebditch

Systems Engineer, Cloud Security at Cisco

Andy Hook

Security Pre-Sales Engineer at Comstor

Alan Batey

Technical Team Manager, Forensics and e-disclosure, SRM

Phil Jackman

Director at Dynamo North East and #CyberFest Lead

Daniel laycock

Senior Partner Manager, Veeam Software

Stephen O’Connell

Sales and Marketing Director, Advantex Network Solutions


lunch & learn

Book your ‘Lunch and Learn’ session with Cisco’s Breach Defence team today. Not only will you get an in-depth insight into the threats affecting your business, you’ll walk away with unique insights to action as soon as you get back to the office, giving you the upper hand on cybercriminals.

Book your space now.*

*Limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.

What's happening and when agenda

Subject to change

  • 08:30 - 09:15

    Registration & Breakfast

    Upon arrival, you'll be served an array of refreshments, including fresh, tea, coffee, water and juice to accompany bacon/sausage/vegan rolls, cereal and pastries to set you up for the mornings activities.

  •  Justin Lockwood 09:15
    Justin Lockwood


    First up, is today’s compère, he’s an award-winning radio presenter, commentator and PR specialist, Justin Lockwood will bring the day to life and ensure everything is on track, keeping you in the loop of what’s happening when and where.

  •  Rob Price 09:30
    Rob Price

    Security in the Digital World

    Cisco CTO, Rob Price will give an overview of the digital landscape, highlighting how it affects you, and shares valuable insights on how to apply security in the digital world.

  • 10:15


  •  Tom Johnson 10:30
    Tom Johnson

    Confessions of a Nerdy Hacker

    Starting at a young age, Tom has always had a passion for hacking, right from the very moment he received his very own computer for Christmas as a child. With many ups and downs, from black hat activity in his early teens to working alongside the FBI under the National Police Chiefs Council, Tom will touch upon Ethics vs Morals, Social Engineering, Card Cloning & OSINT.

  •  Steven Kenny 10:30
    Steven Kenny

    Cybersecurity: Lifecycle Management

    Cybersecurity is thought of as a technical problem but is it? How much does the culture of your organisation contribute to its vulnerability?

  •  Nikolay Stankevich 10:30
    Nikolay Stankevich

    Veeam Demo Lab

    A technical workshop covering 1. Veeam Backup & Replication: Modular architecture, Agent / agent-less approach, IVMR, Explorers, DataLabs, Storage Integrations 2. Veeam One, Reporting capabilities + monitoring, 3. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 4. Veeam Availability Orchestrator

  • 11:10


  •  Phil Jackman 11:20
    Phil Jackman

    Cybersecurity: A Cultural Perspective

    Cybersecurity is thought of as a technical problem but is it? How much does the culture of your organisation contribute to its vulnerability?

  •  Martin Humphrey 11:20
    Martin Humphrey

    What Is Cyber Resilience?

    Learn how to prepare for, respond to and recover from a cyber-attack.

  •  Katie McMillan 11:20
    Katie McMillan

    Business Continuity Planning: A Tabletop Exercise

    Are you looking to dust off your Business Continuity Plan in light of recent events or want to put a Plan together for the first time? SRM's Katie McMillan will help you work through your critical systems and concerns that are key to your business and maintaining continuity in an emergency.

  • Lunch

    Here you’ll get a chance to recharge the batteries, once you’ve checked your emails, countless WhatsApp messages and texts, be sure to head to the entrance hall and foyer where you’ll have a wide choice of complimentary locally sourced and mouth-watering food and drinks.

    See you back at the Main Stage at 1:00 pm 🙂

  •  Justin Lockwood 13:00
    Justin Lockwood

    Welcome Back

    Today’s compère, Justin Lockwood will give a quick overview of what we’ve already learned and what’s to come for the rest of the day ahead.

  •  Alan Batey 13:15
    Alan Batey

    Think You Have GDPR Covered? What Happens When a Breach Occurs?

    Security Risk Management (SRM) is an information security consultancy and one of the UK’s leading breach investigators, handling payment card forensic investigations on a daily basis. Katie McMillan and Alan Batey of SRM look beyond the legal ramifications of GDPR and demonstrate how a proactive approach to information security can reduce risk and enable a more effective response in the event of a breach.

  •  Martin McGrath 13:15
    Martin McGrath

    How Secure Is Your Security System?

    It’s ironic that your businesses “Physical Security System’s” could well be “Insecurity” that allows a back door to your corporate network. In this presentation we will look at the potential floors in your IP based security systems, building management systems and more. We will look at live, legal websites that allow anyone to search for security systems that are connected to the web, we will also demonstrate how bad password management is enabling websites to stream images from cameras quite legally.

  •  Andy Hook 13:15
    Andy Hook

    When Bosses Panic

    The workshop will help you to understand the security threats to your network and how Cisco Security solutions provide Threat Hunting tools and intelligence. Now more than ever you need to provide network security before, during and after an attack. Utilising Cisco Threat Hunting reassures you that the tools and systems implemented are delivering the results. The session is split to a short positioning piece and then into a short guided hands-on workshop.

  • 14:00


  •  Stephen O'Connell 14:15
    Stephen O'Connell

    A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

    Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to guarantee effective security, nor a single out-of-the-box solution that can ensure security across modern distributed networks. In order to defend against today’s threats, IT professionals must take a layered approach to their cybersecurity. Learn how companies are adopting this approach and what the tools are that they use to protect their data from Cybercriminals.

  •  Daniel laycock 14:15
    Daniel laycock

    Adopting a Cloud Data Management Strategy

    In order to meet modern business challenges, customers need to adopt a Cloud Data Management strategy, which takes a holistic approach to data across its lifecycle, merging the traditional disciplines of data backup and recovery, data protection, data security and data management. Veeam will demonstrate how customers need to evolve the way they manage data from policy-based to behaviour-based to make it smarter and self-governing, and to ensure it’s available across any application and any cloud infrastructure.

  •  Tom Johnson 14:15
    Tom Johnson

    Seeing Is Believing

    Not a cybersecurity expert? then this is for you! Ethical Hacker and Social Engineer, Tom Johnson will demonstrate live in this hands-on session how easy it is to be breached. Utilising his ethical hacking simulator, Tom will cover things like data leakage, dumpster diving and OSINT.

  • 15:00


  •  Farana Cheema 15:15
    Farana Cheema

    Introducing Secure X

    Cybersecurity expert, Farana Cheema will introduce and give an overview of the all-new and latest offering from Cisco, Secure X. Not only will you learn what’s to come, but Farana will also give an insight into threat hunting, what to expect and how to prepare to the forever-growing number of threats online.

  •  Justin Lockwood 16:00
    Justin Lockwood

    And That’s a Wrap

    Today’s compère, Justin Lockwood will talk us through some of the key takeaways from the summit before clocking us out just in time for the best bit of the day, happy hour!

  • The Happiest Hour

    Clocking off for the day in style, the happiest hour is the perfect opportunity to network and rub shoulders with your fellow attendees, we’ll even help break the ice, with complimentary drinks to reflect on an what has been an awesome day.

  • Your Carriage Awaits

    OK, maybe it won't quite be the Cinderella ending, but this is when we'll kindly ask you to leave and go home to tell your friends, family and colleagues about the North East's ultimate cybersecurity event of the year!

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Cybersecurity Summit North East

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LOCATION how to get there

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

S Shore Rd, Gateshead, NE8 3BA​


Venue Info

Phone: 0191 478 1810

Email: info@balticmill.com



Parking spaces are available in the BALTIC Car Park. Follow Signage for ‘Gateshead Quays’ and ‘Other Car Parks’ until specific signage for BALTIC Car Park becomes visible. Spaces are pay on exit and you can pay by card or cash. Blue badge holders park FREE  

Parking Charges

Up to 1 hour £1.80 Up to 2 hours £3.30 Up to 3 hours £4.80 Thereafter £1.30/hour

Travelling by Train or Metro

Newcastle Central Station. 3 hours to London’s Kings Cross, 1.5 hours to Edinburgh.


Tyne and Wear Metro Service. Newcastle Central Station or Gateshead Metro Interchange.


Travelling by Bus

Gateshead Bus Interchange or Newcastle Central Station. The bright Yellow Quaylink buses run every 10 minutes during the day, at least every 20 minutes during the evening and directly serve BALTIC. The Quaylink service 1 (Q1) starts from both Gateshead Interchange and Newcastle Central Station.


Find out more about the Quaylink bus service.

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